Wonders of the Sea: Mobula Rays at Lighthouse Point Estates

Leaping Mobula Rays are a common sight at Lighthouse Point Estates. There are few things as thrilling as watching a massive school just offshore perform their acrobatic feats in seemingly choreographic timing for hours on end. These waters are a premium destination for viewing the creatures. Closely related to the Manta Ray, these majestic animals have recently been reclassified as a single genus, Mobula Ray. They prefer our moderate ocean temperatures and visit our waters in the spring through early summer and then again in the fall.

Flat bodies and pectoral fins similar to wings make it easy to launch themselves at great speeds to more than 6-8 feet into the air landing with a very non-graceful belly flop back into the water. The slapping sound of hundreds of Ray smackdowns can keep you mesmerized for hours. But why do they do it? Oceanographers believe this action is a form of communication. Although it often occurs during feeding and courting events, it is thought to have a variety of meaning. Wouldn’t it be astonishing to know what they are saying?

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